Starbuck's Pig Incident

Date updated: November 30, 2019 [Up]
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We spend *way* too much time talking about stupid Starbucks controversies, and not enough time about things that matter. If this did happen -- if one Starbucks employee somewhere in a country of 320 million people wrote this -- is it really news? Should we really waste our time talking about it instead of things that actually affect police and the communities they interact with?

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A tweet claiming a recent controversy where Starbucks employees labelled a cups of coffee for cops with the name "Pig" was likely set up by the cops themselves.

Still, let's go through it. This person claims that it can't have been employees that did this because an existing profanity filter prevents Starbucks employees from utting such names on cups unless the customer asks for it via mobile order. Hovering over the name I din't see any reason why this person would have particular knowledge about Starbucks, and their bio is clearly a joke anyway.

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Hovering over the handle of the person claiming it must have been a set up.

We could go a couple of directions here. We could trace down the fact that this person offers and see if it's true. But if we do that we're really approaching this issue on their terms, looking up what they are telling us to look up.

A better approach is to zoom out and see if anyone we trust is providing a summary of what we currently know about this controversy.

Let's see what the latest news is on this.

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Right-click search on Police Chief Johnny O'Mara

We come to the SERP, and click into the News tab.

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Hovering over news tab on SERP

We don't see any reporting on this yet. So we have some choices. We can wait before retweeting to see what comes of this story. Or we can dig in deeper.

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Right now you'll find a lot of people claiming knowledge of this fact. And it might be true -- it's very possible that this story has be misrepresented. But given that the post is accusing someone of faking an event, I personally would wait until a professional journalist looks into it before sharing.

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